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El dedo en el ojo

(Five Canarian Contemporary Approaches)

Blood and the Idea

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When I decided to organise an exhibition that would gather the work of artists who have based their creation mainly on video, I was at first hesitating about how to deal with issues related to video. After all, I am a visual artist who is engaged with multidisciplinary and transverse production as the central axis of my work and [...]

The eye on the finger

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We are used to trust images blindly. The disassociation of senses that occurred more than one hundred years ago led to the predominance of vision. It also brought about the birth of a tailor-made viewer […]

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At a time when the amount of images bombarding us has increased so much that it does not allow us to distinguish between real experience and what we have seen, this exhibition aims at activating a basic human ability: to think and feel through image (image-time).